I don’t fully take avantage of the situations I’m presented with & every time it bypasses I promise to not let another opportunity like it go .

    Ive been approached for modeling gigs several times within the last year … however it’s not something I ever plan on doing because I’m not comfortable in front of a camera. I dont have a genuine smile, & i’m just not photogenic. Still the offers entertain me. While having a discussion with one of the recruiters he bluntly told me I’m wasting potential. He nit picked my body, my self reported eating habits, & the way i physically take care of myself. & while everything he said hurt my feelings ( & embarrassed me to where I didn’t even tell my two best friends ) nothing he said was false.

    I eat terribly. Large manly proportions, lots of salt and sugar . a ton of processed foods & little to no vegetables. I go to the gym hard for two weeks then quit because i see no results. My weight is 20lbs heavier than what it used to be when I ran track. & I will sit a complain my ass off, pretending I’m doing work to fix it … & be upset when the scale keeps tipping.

    shits gotta change . Im 22 and i know I have a few more years to bounce back before my metabolism starts shitting on me. My discipline has never been tested . Anything i want I go get it despite consequences. Im not trying to put myself on some strict impossible diet, just always tryna improve myself. 

    if you know me & see me tweeting about some cookies ( my main downfall ) or stuffing my face . Just gently ( im sensitive about my food ) remind me i presented myself w/ a challenge . I have the opportunity to make my body do some unbelievable shit, & the only person who is my my way is me. && that bitch Mrs. Fields. 

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    My fat ass would want this …

    My fat ass would want this …

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    In tears . How incredibly fucking sad. 





    911 Call In World Trade Center.

    “We’re young men, we can’t die.’

    This gave me the goosebumps, this is terrible. And to believe i lived in New York while this happened, a day you can never forget. So many innocent people lost their lives, leaving a family behind. Rest In Peace, always will remain in our hearts. 

    Oh my god….. when he said: ” OH GOD, OH. ” that is insane…..

    i don’t even know how to explain what i’m feeling right now. this is crazy :(

    no words.. none.

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    ass & titties 

    ass & titties 

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    Rihanna’s new video ” Cheers ” ….

    <3 it

    i wish could gather all my girls together & we could travel the world one summer … w/ lots of liquor & laughs . 

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    Made my heart smile .

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    on occasion.


    i question if i’m built for this game. or if i’m pushing past the limits of my design.

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    The Weeknd - Loft Music (by xoxxxoooxo)

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    one of those nights . 

    im going to write without using the backspace button unless its an extreme spelling error. grammatical errors not included. 

    i loved what i thought being with you would be like . and you and you . but i could have never imagined the sleepless nights wondering why what could have been, what should have been … has yet to be done. why the perfect i wanted to be for you wasnt enough for you. but see i get this pride thing going . this ” dont let shit show ” anti emotion blocker installed somewhere in this body of mine. it tricks me into believing the worse to prevent any uncontrolled acts of giving a fuck . but oh how many fucks i give. Thinking about not thinking. its common around here. the pain your unannounced love has delivered isnt worth the excitement it once brought . so everything is done from a distance . i silently suffer with a smile on my face . i have this happy misunderstanding . this beautiful distraction that keeps me lingering around for something i have physically left long ago . enough is enough . enough isnt much . enough is to much . Time will pass , tears become less frequent . Then a new you emerges. in a different disguise . i test the waters again . slowly. even slower than before . its a little cold . but tolerable. I’ll go thru the process again . pep talk myself . talk myself into trusting myself when along with the others i am the last one to be trusted … and the cycle will continue . 

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    " Vinnie McGhee Jr. has been under the radar since playing at McClymonds High School and it’s time for people to take notice. After finishing off a disappointing junior season at Cal State Northridge, McGhee is determined to return better than ever for his senior season … " 

    the rest of the article can be found at :


    check my boy out … he’s been doing his hoop thing for awhile and deserve much more recognition . goodluck @VMcGhee11_LBT , love ya ! 

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    I JUST DIED&#160;! lmaoooooo 

    I JUST DIED ! lmaoooooo 

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    the burden of pride can get extremely heavy . 

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    lmao “the royal penis is clean your highness”


    the royal blow job

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    Cleans up nice &#8230;
as much as I envy lala i &lt;3 this couple . 

    Cleans up nice …

    as much as I envy lala i <3 this couple . 

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    South African Ballet Theater

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